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Hi! I'm K4-713. I make computers do things for money, so I can afford to buy stuff like snacks, houseplants, a warm room to take naps in, and video games.

I care a lot about a lot of nonsense, and I try pretty hard not to be a jerk most of the time.

Ranking fairly high among the things I enjoy, is "being vaguely mysterious on the internet".
/me waves

Geeze, Go West by the Pet Shop Boys isn't even _trying_ to not be Pachelbel's Canon.

Today, the distance between functionally asleep and unwisely overcaffeinated was all like ||

I honestly can't wait to lose at least six months of my life sticking everything in this whole game to everything else in this whole game, and seeing what happens when you throw it at a korok.

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Oh man, I finally watched today's new TotK gameplay video and I am Freaking. Out.

Elon continuing to be a dingleberry in public is great and all, but I have a couple questions: At what point do journalists stop trying to package a single embedded tweet bookended with some very light context as an entire news story, and can it already have happened?
I mean, come on.

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very much in agreement with @Quinnypig that the plural of 'Yubikey' is 'Y'allbikey' 😂

EoD: Geeze, I haven't coded like that in a while. I think I can see time rn.

I have a more or less regular walk that I do at lunchtime, which contains one house that is... odd.

Nobody is ever there, no cars in the driveway, never any signs of activity. Nothing _looks_ particularly amiss. However, there is this regular but somewhat variable clicking/popping noise that I at first took as insectoid in origin, until I noticed that it _never stops_. Not even under 6 inches of snow.

Electrical problem? Severely overpowered sonic insect deterrent? New Dr. Who villain?

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The Governor of Tennessee let his domain expire…

The queer Internet did NOT disappoint.

Happily, our neighborhood peacocks are not aggressive. I would have been pwn'd several times already this year just walking around the neighborhood if they were so inclined.

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It's that time of year again: I can hear peacocks from inside the house.
Portland, man. Even our "nuisance" animals are extra.

Did Google Drive just change the font on their file listing pages, or am I having a stroke?

Okay, help me out here. Why would any web developer, anywhere, make the extra effort to make sure that a ctrl-click switches to the new open tab?

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I can't be the only one who doesn't actually want to bring their whole self to work, can I?
Honestly, that sounds basically terrible.

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I'm going to start writing romance novels. Here's an excerpt from my upcoming book:

Two minutes into the date and Suzy was already nervous. She only truly felt comfortable honking away on her trumpet. She looked at her new suitor. His beard was an unwelcome surprise. She liked her men smooth, and her jazz smoother. "Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be just like Louis Armstrong."
His face lit up. "No way!" he exclaimed, "I always dreamt of being an astronaut too!"
Suzy nearly vomited.

Happy Passive Jetlag Day to (most of) my US friendos.
Please don't hassle anybody at least until tomorrow.

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