One of the perils of having your_real_name at as your primary email address, is getting a ton of stuff for people who for some reason think that's their email address.
There are at least three people out there who have persistently told mailing lists, e-commerce sites, utility providers, car dealerships, and their entire extended families that their email address is mine, for years.

How can you not know your gmail address, if you have the login creds? I just

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The ones I hated to see the most, were the job offers. One of those other people with my name had clearly just been interviewing, and done well enough to get a very personal offer letter from a couple places, and I had to be the one to tell them both that their winning candidate gave them the wrong email address. I hope they weren't hiring for "attention to detail"...

Geeze, somebody with my name just signed up for a legit new bank account with my email address and chose to go paperless.
How do I stop people from... what do you call it when people send you loads of PII you never wanted? Identity gifting?

It would help so much if there was an understanding in the industry, that all confirmation emails should also have somekinda "nope" button.

@K4_713 the benefit of a very unique last name.

@Greg If I'd known it was going to be this much of a standard hassle at nearly +20 years or whatever, I'd have signed up for arglebargle@ or something. It was probably free.

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