Creepy, mortality... humor? 

A scene from today's walk home from the dentist.

Person 1, around corner: [cheerfully] "No, it feels a lot like dying... because you actually do die for a minute! But don't worry, we'll bring you back preeeetty quick, haha"

Person 2: "HAHA"

Persons 1 and 2: "BAHAHA"

[K4 turns corner and walks by]

[total silence]

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Creepy, mortality... humor? 

@K4_713 .... *not* in the dentist's office where someone was joking about sedation?

Creepy, mortality... humor? 

@Greg My friend, this was basically in a forest.

And they definitely pluralized the "we" in "we'll bring you back".

I am perfectly happy assuming this was some kind of pnw vampire larping thing, and if it wasn't, I don't think I want better information.

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