Gardening where I live, means you encounter at least one or two new Douglas Fir saplings in garden beds every year, even in relatively small gardens like mine.

Can't stop thinking about how fast that means this whole place would be a forest again if all the people just kind of... halted.

If any of our neighbors has surveillance equipment pointed at our backyard, they are now in possession of at least a couple good scenes containing two grown-ass adults chasing a squirrel around.

I need some Captain Crunch, stat. Also if I see a single crunchberry it's going to be fire and brimstone time.

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/me stares into the middle distance momentarily
/me descends into goblin mode

@comicslibrarian I just this second realized that kids probably don't have 7-seg calculators anymore.

You know, I used to laugh about how unhinged people have historically gotten over tulips, but then again:

Super important news: I just got a birdbath with a cheap and impressive little solar fountain in it, and it's becoming clear to me that I don't know enough birds yet. Can somebody do an intro so they... know... there's a... new...

The number of times I've made reference to the damage report machine having possibly been damaged in a work context is probably excessive.

@maya I basically turn into a Klingon when I see that stuff.

I don't know who needs to hear this before another minute goes by, but:

Nintendo Switch friends! Remember, you can always save the last 30 seconds of video, forever documenting whatever ridiculous in-game shit just happened to you, by pressing and holding the screenshot button.

Excerpt from today's internal documentation:

"We often report user errors as system errors, which will eventually cause self-defenestration for anyone on pager duty."

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@brion @Greg See, I know I'm never going to get older than about twelve, because for the life of me I cannot serious-bluff my way through, say, a spirited and increasingly shorthand earnest conversation about taking database dumps.

Can't do it. Twelve.

There is a jumping spider running continuous laps around my home office ceiling today. Once every few minutes, when they go by, I wave at them and say "hello..." which causes the spider to pause and fractionally turn and look at me for a second, then continue on.

I wish I had some treats for you, pal.

@miriamrobern @PaulCzege Ha, I prefer to think of the longer-term answers as a notice that you've probably earned the status of being a friendly and at least somewhat reliable internet elder.
(...I'm firmly in the 20+ range, myself...)

@Greg I had a phase in which I moderated a series of boards all over the place, and I gradually lost most of the people I talked to online the most when Facebook basically stole the show and made everyone use real names.

Weird to think I may even have met some of my old internet buddies irl, and I'd never know it.

@MattMerk Yeah, it would be interesting to know from people, especially with those 20+ year internet friends, why they are still in the internet-only box. I suspect geography is a common factor.

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