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Is there actually a functional difference between using single and double quotes in node.js?

Do I get to have weird opinions about devs who, lacking a clear policy on the topic, will go through and change all of one to the other anyway?

Am I the weird one for using whatever the hell I feel like in the moment?

Houseplant of the Year award going to this kid. What a leaf!

It's a variegated rubber plant, or ficus elastica 'tineke' if you're feeling rowdy.

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I will never have enough details about how they got Prince to do the 1989 Batman soundtrack.

Anyway, if anyone ever asks me to write the worst possible thing I can think of to install on a phone, I'm doing the nightmare seasonal keyboard.

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One of my favorite variations on this suddenly useless phone nightmare:
I unlock my phone, to find a message saying Samsung has installed a new seasonal themed keyboard, which they would be updating regularly from now on. The keyboard contained an image of a coca-cola-style Santa and his entire sleigh, and all the keyboard letters were multi-colored and kept winking on and off like rainbow twinkle lights.
...It also played Jingle Bells.

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Standard nightmare feature that didn't exist ~10 years ago: In nearly every literal nightmare, I get an opportunity to alert someone about a major problem going on, but it has to be via text message... and the phone's autocorrect won't do anything but change my words into indecipherable garbage.

Pokemon SV 

So, does anybody want to do approximately 30 Ditto raids with me while this event is going on over the next couple days?

If, unlike me, you're far too mentally mature to engage with this question, do you by any chance have nintendo-leaning children in the house?

Mandalorian, maybe spoilers 

I have just this minute internalized that Starbuck is basically a Disney princess now. Considering having a feeling over it.

Like, if you wanted to create a vaguely threatening mystery to practically ensure I'd walk by some random house and stare at it every day: A+.

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This got weirder.
* I realized what the vaguely insectiod noise reminded me of: Hollywood taser.
* Walking by a couple days ago with nobody around, I said out loud while looking at the house, something like: "Dang... that's so loud. Not subtle." A day later the noise was gone. It had been there for months.
* Now there's a thing mounted on a stake in the ground next to the front door with lenses, and a super-bright visible red LED that appears to be tracking movement.

Really: What in the What.

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I think one of my neighbors has configured their dog to operate in single ping mode or something.

One Bark Only.

What do you all like for opening up and browsing through .csv files that are, like, half a gig or more? I've got a whole lot of data to eyeball over here.

Geeze, Go West by the Pet Shop Boys isn't even _trying_ to not be Pachelbel's Canon.

Today, the distance between functionally asleep and unwisely overcaffeinated was all like ||

I honestly can't wait to lose at least six months of my life sticking everything in this whole game to everything else in this whole game, and seeing what happens when you throw it at a korok.

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Oh man, I finally watched today's new TotK gameplay video and I am Freaking. Out.

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